General Information for Kentec Products

Service Replacement Items - SRI (Warranty)

Kentec offers its customers an unrivalled service when requiring replacement parts. Our SRI policy includes all

products covered by our 3 year Product Warranty.

For the complete SRI Terms & Conditions please refer to our Web Site. For detailed warranty information, please refer to Clause 8 of our Terms & Conditions of Sale. (See pages 74 & 75).

It is important that our SRI procedures are followed when requiring replacement parts for any Kentec product. Please do not place Purchase Orders for replacement parts as this may incur resotcking charges under our RMA policy.

Technical Support

Free technical support is available to direct Kentec customers on all Kentec manufactured products, by calling

+44 (0)1322 222121 or by e-mail at techsupport@kentec.co.uk 

Tech Support operate between 8.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday, 8am-12noon Saturday, Closed Sunday.

When requesting technical assistance, it is essential that concise and detailed information is given to the technical support engineer, to allow them to provide an accurate response to the enquiry. For fault finding assistance, the technical support staff may require additional testing to be performed to accurately diagnose possible causes of the fault.

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure that the technical support information given is accurate, Kentec assume no liability for any loss or damage as result of technical advice given, or time taken performing additional fault diagnosis testing.

Product Warranty

All new standard products purchased from Kentec are covered by our 36 month Product Warranty. For full details about our warranty please refer to our Terms & Conditions of Sale which is on pages 74 & 75 of this Price List.

CPR (Construction Products Regulation)

European Regulations: Construction Products Regulation (CPR) a legal requirement, which came into force in the UK on the 1st July 2013 requires that all manufacturers and resellers to comply with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

As part of the regulation it is illegal to place on the market, any product to be used in a construction of a building without the necessary third party certification and compliance with the CPR. This applies only to products where EN Harmonised Product Standards exist for the products concerned.

To help our customers identify which products are not suitable for placing on the EU market we have marked each of these products within this price list with   .

It should be noted that although it is now illegal to place products into the EU market without a Declaration of Performance in accordance with the CPR, it is possible for us to sell these products for use outside of the EU. UL Listed & FM Approved products are not approved for placement within the EU Market.

Third Party Certificates for Kentec Electronics Products can be download here: http://www.kentec.co.uk/certificates.html