I/O Boards and Enclosures

I/O Board Enclosure

  • A range of new enclosures designed to house Syncro I/O modules with or without a power supply. The Syncro I/O enclosure offers the installer the flexibility to create their own customised I/O panel. The standard Syncro I/O enclosure can hold up to 3 Syncro I/O modules or 2, if a power supply is incorporated.

Addressable Sounder Controller Unit

  • Syncro addressable sounder controller units enable additional, distributed power and control for sounder circuits in situations where there are insufficient circuits at the fire alarm control panel or where additional power is required to power heavily loaded sounder circuits.

  • Sounder control modules for any of the protocols supported by Syncro are available in a steel enclosure designed to match the appearance of the Syncro fire alarm control panel.

  • All units contain mains powered battery charger/power supply, they have space for up to 7 Ah batteries.

  • Indicators are provided for power healthy and power fault conditions and power fault conditions are signalled to the Syncro fire alarm control panel as a sounder fault.