Sigma XT+

Multi Area Extinguishant Control Panel

  • Up to 8 zones of conventional detection with up to 4 extinguishant areas are available. Stand alone extinguishant control units are also available with 2 monitored inputs to receive initiating signals from remote fire detection control panels or addressable modules.

  • Each extinguishant area has a comprehensive set of inputs and outputs and is configurable via a simple programming interface. All extinguishant areas may have up to 7, serially connected Sigma Si status indication and control units or ancillary relay boards connected via a simple 4 core cable.

  • The versatility of the control panel can be enhanced further by the fitting of up to 7 Sigma CP Ancillary boards (K580) or Sigma CP Sounder boards (K461) to the RS485 serial bus. See data sheet DS39 and DS48.

Extinguishant Coincidence Unit

  • The Sigma XT+ ECU coincidence unit has two fully monitored inputs for connection to fire detection control equipment or addressable control modules to provide an EN12094-1 compliant extinguishant control system.

  • Its many programmable features and extensive range of inputs and outputs make the Sigma XT+ ECU coincidence unit suitable for all extinguishing applications where a fully featured control device is required.

  • Among the many features of the Sigma XT+ ECU are serially connected status units for reduced wiring and reduced installation cost, dual extinguishant outputs that may be configured for main/reserve applications and a countdown timer which displays the time until discharge of the extinguishant in seconds.

  • All units are independently configurable via a simple, code based programming interface to suit the desired application.