Syncro Indent

Programmable LED Indication Panels

  • Syncro Ident panels provide a compact and attractive display for up to 24 indications from a Syncro or Syncro AS fire control panel. As with all inputs and outputs on the Syncro system, each indicator is fully programmable to indicate a variety of events as well as being fully programmable via cause and effects to operate in response to logically connected inputs. Each indication defaults to a zonal fire indicator but may be configured via the Loop Explorer configuration utility to operate upon any event type or combination of inputs.

  • Requiring only a low current 24V power supply and a 2 core data connection to the fire panel, Syncro Ident panels can be installed quickly and easily to provide supplementary information on the status of the fire alarm system with the minimum of cost and effort.

  • The compact, slimline enclosure is unobtrusive and is ideal for mounting in locations where a larger control and indication unit would be unsuitable.

  • Each indication has a dedicated field for customized text to provide a concise description of the indication.

  • Multiple Syncro Ident panels can be connected to the Syncro serial bus to provide a diverse range of indications at multiple locations.

  • The units are supplied with blank label inserts and are easily customisable using an online bespoke label template.