VESDA by Xtralis

The Worlds No. 1 Brand of Aspirating Smoke Detector

  • When business continuity is paramount
  • When smoke is difficult to detect
  • When maintenance access is difficult
  • When unobtrusive detection is required
  • When evacuation is a challenge
  • When environmental conditions are difficult
  • When suppression systems are present

VESDA works by continuously drawing air into a distributed pipe network via a high-efficiency aspirator. The
air sample then passes through a dual-stage filter. The first stage removes dust and dirt from the air sample
before it enters the laser detection chamber. The second (ultra fine) stage provides an additional clean air
supply to keep the detector’s optical surfaces free from contamination, ensuring stable calibration and long
detector life.

From the filter, the air sample goes through the calibrated detection chamber where it is exposed to a laser
light source. When smoke is present, light is scattered within the detection chamber and is instantly identified by the highly sensitive receiver system. The signal is then processed and presented via a bar-graph display, alarm threshold indicators and/or graphic display. VESDA detectors are able to communicate this information to a fire alarm control panel, a software management system, or a building management system via relays or a
High Level Interface (HLI).

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